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By Julie Krebs, Principal Brand Advisor, Virtual Brand Advisors

Big is an interesting word. Have you ever thought about it?

Isn’t it interesting that for a word with so many enormous meanings: large in size, vast, important, outstanding, grown-up, etc. it’s actually a small word with only three letters. Yet this understated written word, with a hefty meaning, is exactly what Cleveland is celebrating at the moment. Big opportunities, Big news, Big sports stars and Big ideas all coming together to showcase what makes Cleveland and Northeast Ohio so great. It’s fun to be a witness to all the Big that is Cleveland.

With the announcement of the RNC coming in 2016, we are preparing to host a Big political convention – one that has the potential of naming the next President of the United States. A pretty Big deal.

So when OneCommunity challenged us to #DreamBigNow, I began to dream and think…How Big could we make the RNC? What if we could host the Biggest political convention the world has ever seen? It’s now possible…thanks to broadband connectivity.

Unless you are the media or a state delegate(s), you’ll be watching the political festivities two summers from now on TV. Yet the power of 1-Gig broadband connectivity allows mankind to virtually connect – in real time, from anywhere – with a speed and clarity that delivers you right to the action.

What if we could establish broadband access points in key cities and encourage smaller Republican convention parties across the country to join us virtually in Cleveland? Can you imagine the Big energy and Big excitement when our RNC crosses state lines, eliminates all geographic boundaries and everyone is connected back to Quicken Loans Arena; thereby Cleveland hosts the physical convention and virtual convention all at once. The largest attended political convention in history. It is possible.
One of the most important political conventions of all time was the 1960 Democratic Convention from Los Angeles. Television was nothing new. Only this time, television sets had officially saturated US homes. America witnessed for the first time a TV-savvy candidate – John F. Kennedy.[1]

Just as TV made an impact in 1960, broadband can make an impact in 2016.

How about it RNC? Want to make history, embracing broadband technology’s ability to connect people? This could be a Big game-changer for your party. It is possible and we’re in the Big time right now. Let’s do it CLE – #DreamBigNow.

[1] Davis, Kenneth C., “The Top 10 Political Conventions That Mattered Most,”, s, August 26, 2012

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