Connectivity Scorecard 2010

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The United States is one of the highest, but no longer the highest ranking country in terms of “useful connectivity,” according this report from the University of Calgary in conjunction with consulting group LECG and commissioned by Nokia Siemens Networks. The study, now in its third year, aims to provide relative measures of useful connectivity for 50 countries. The term “useful connectivity” is defined as a combination of infrastructure, complementary skills, software and informed usage that makes information and communications technology (ICT) a driver of productivity and economic growth. Read full report.

Broadband Minded? Overcoming Consumers’ Barriers to Internet Access

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Money is not the only barrier preventing low income consumers from connecting to the internet, according to new Consumer Focus research from the United Kingdom, which also shows how many ‘non-connected’ consumers see the internet as irrelevant to their lives. Following the findings the consumer champion is calling for the Government to adapt their messaging and to promote benefits of internet access that are more relevant to low income consumers. Read full report.

The Impact of Broadband on People with Disabilities

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The Impact of Broadband on People with Disabilities is part of a series of studies detailing the benefits of broadband technology. The paper also offers guidance to policymakers as they examine broadband issues, including how to craft a national broadband plan and how to implement the broadband-related provisions in this year’s economic stimulus bill. Read full report.

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