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Grant from the National Science Foundation will demonstrate the value of next-gen video conferencing technology at Cleveland Early College High School @John Hay—

NEWS RELEASE—Cleveland, Ohio—April 30, 2014—OneCommunity proudly announces that the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded OneCommunity a $300k grant to develop and demonstrate the value of high-definition multipoint videoconferencing to enable collaborative learning and enhance high school STEM education.

The grant, formally titled “EAGER: US Ignite: High School STEM Education Utilizing Gigabit High Definition Multipoint Connected Collaboration,” will be under the direction of OneCommunity CEO, Lev Gonick and Marvin S. Schwartz, PhD, as EAGER: US IGNITE: OneCommunity Chief Scientist.

“The basic idea behind this grant is pretty straight-forward,” noted Lev Gonick, CEO, OneCommunity. “We want to help STEM educators deliver outstanding curriculum in a way that takes full advantage of the interactive capabilities of Next-Gen Collaboration Platform Technologies.”

“We define Connected Collaboration as high-definition, high-fidelity, reduced latency video conferencing. It is a next-generation application requiring gigabit bandwidth while using cost-effective Mac or Windows computers, and commodity HD webcams and microphones,” said Marv Schwartz who will lead this project to develop and deploy next-generation videoconferencing technology between Cleveland Early College High School at John Hay High School, Case Western Reserve University, and STEM experts in their state-of-the-art facilities on gig networks.

“This generous grant supports extending Connected Collaboration to three or more endpoints and providing it as a platform for many other gig apps,” he added. “The grant further supports having education professionals evaluate how effectively STEM experts in their state-of-the-art facilities on gig networks can use Connected Collaboration to engage students in two or more high-school classrooms. We thank the NSF for this opportunity and look forward to continuing collaboration with US Ignite and its partners.”

The software developed under this grant will show that High Definition Multipoint Videoconferencing technology can be affordable and scalable and can deliver an interactive video experience as natural as face-to-face conversation.

Funding Source

OneCommunity submitted this project for consideration under the NSF’s Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) funding program ( in collaboration with US Ignite ( US Ignite is a public-private partnership that brings together computing researchers, software and application developers, broadband carriers and broadband users so that they can take advantage of ultra-high-speed broadband networks.

About OneCommunity

OneCommunity (, a nonprofit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio, works to expand high-speed broadband access and adoption to strengthen Northeast Ohio. OneCommunity’s vision is that advanced digital capabilities and effective use of technology will help transform the region and establish it as a national hub for innovation and economic growth. OneCommunity’s all-fiber optic broadband network covers more than 2,460 miles and provides network speeds from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps to hundreds of organizations in 24 Northeast Ohio counties.

Media Contact: Jane Passantino, Chief Marketing Officer


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