OneCommunity Launches Everstream

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Will deliver high-speed broadband network services to private enterprises across Northeast Ohio
Everstream LogoCleveland, Ohio—March 10, 2014—OneCommunity announces the launch of Everstream (, a new organization that will serve the high-speed networking needs of enterprise businesses throughout Northeast Ohio.


For the past decade, OneCommunity has provided advanced broadband services and mission-based programming in digital inclusion, health and wellness, connected education and economic development.  The success of that program of activities is the basis of dozens of similar undertakings across the country and around the world.

“We will continue those core services,” said Lev Gonick, OneCommunity CEO.  “But the time has come to contribute to the broader deployment of advanced broadband services to other sectors demanding the speed, reliability and connectivity that has defined our brand these past ten years.”

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