OneCommunity Encourages Northeast Ohio Citizens to “Dream Big Now”

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CLEVELAND, Ohio, September 2, 2014—In an effort to inspire dialogue and creativity pertaining to the public benefit and creative use of ultra-high-speed broadband, OneCommunity, a Northeast Ohio ultra-high-speed-broadband provider, has introduced its new blog, “Dream Big Now” on

“We are hoping to initiate a dialogue among parties from all walks of life that is based on creative concepts, enthusiasm and insights about the many possibilities that may become realities with the implementation of ultra-high speed broadband,” says Jane Passantino, OneCommunity Chief Marketing Officer.  “With the Republican National Convention bringing many newcomers to Cleveland, both physically and digitally, we have the opportunity to develop ties and opportunities from across the globe.”

To be sure, most businesses and municipalities are aware that fiber optic/digital infrastructure is capable of transporting data at many times the current rates available through more traditional providers.  OneCommunity’s “Dream Big Now” efforts, however, are designed to stretch the imagination and dream beyond the basics.    The question, therefore, becomes how this platform can best be used to enhance and improve existing services and programs as well as creating new ones.

“We are seeking visionaries in healthcare, education, government and industry who literally dream big,” Passantino adds.  “As we travel and learn about how this has impacted communities like Chattanooga, Tennessee and elsewhere, we discover models that reach far beyond the basics.  The opportunities that this infrastructure presents can and will put Northeast Ohio on the technology map.”

With the launch of “Dream Big Now”, OneCommunity is, in effect, challenging the community to think about making Northeast Ohio more competitive.

To follow the latest additions or to contribute to “Dream Big Now”, log on to


Media Contact: Jane Passantino, Chief Marketing Officer



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