Big Data Requires Next-Gen Networks

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By Chuck Girt, Chief Technology Officer

—OneCommunity is Northeast Ohio’s leader in digital infrastructure.  Our high-capacity, low-latency next-generation fiber optic network  provides common internet protocol (IP)-based services. This high availability network features an overlay of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) that provides robust network connectivity and security.

OneCommunity views our network as a platform for innovation and collaboration. Our mission is to enable public benefit programs and applications in health care, education, government, and public safety. The user community extends from common office productivity to advanced researchers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs.

Why is a next-generation network important for your services?

With the advent of multiple technology service offerings like big data, voice, high-definition video, high-end wireless, mobility, and cloud services just to name a few, it is important to connect to a network prepared to handle the high demands of today’s consumers. It is also very important that the network be ‘future proof’ and provide good investment protection for the public-benefit organization or the enterprise.

OneCommunity over the past several years has been feverishly working to provide its customer base with a robust next-generation MPLS-based network platform. With the combination of services and the high demand for real-time or near-time performance, the OneCommunity network has a well-developed QoS strategy and advanced MPLS services to ensure that mission-critical applications operate at peak efficiency.

OneCommunity has met the challenge for the ever-increasing demand. Now we are focusing on developing new technologies to add to our portfolio of services.

What’s Next?

OneCommunity already operates one of the most advanced networks in the country leveraging its vast fiber optic network for optical transport, high end Dense Wave Division Multiplexers (DWDM) for mass bandwidth transport, and advanced switching and routing services to provide the most available and reliable service offering.

Building on this advanced infrastructure, OneCommunity is developing a full-service Cloud infrastructure including:

  • high-bandwidth connectivity to existing cloud providers
  • high-end video delivery both for telepresence and HD television, and
  • advanced protocols such as software defined networking (SND) to enable next-generation applications that reside in the cloud.

OneCommunity also provides engineering services to assist in planning and deployment of these advanced network services. With these additions to the OneCommunity network, customers will have access to a full portfolio of services to ensure that every aspect of a customer’s network operation is dependable and reliable.

I am interested in learning what topics interest you, and what technologies you think would benefit your business or operation. OneCommunity is a regional leader in technology and we want to ensure that our development is on course with our subscribers’ and the community’s needs. We always strive to provide the best-in-class service for all our customers, so your feedback and guidance is greatly appreciated.

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About Chuck Girt

Chuck Girt holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, a master’s degree in quantum physics, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and mechanical engineering, all from the University of California at Berkeley. In his capacity as CTO, he has been responsible for the development, growth and management of the OneCommunity ultra-broadband network infrastructure that powers Everstream’s services for private enterprises. Recently, Chuck served as National Director of Engineering and Operations for Adelphia Commercial Services (previously Adelphia Business Solutions).

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