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—We want to hear about your dreams for the RNC experience

—By Jane Passantino, CMO

There is nothing within the Republican National Convention (RNC) experience that will be left untouched by technology.  The greatest experiences—emotional, compelling, memorable, exciting, productive,  new, different— will all be made possible by infrastructure. Yes, infrastructure.  Infrastructure:  Defined as “the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.” Without these basics, the extras and the innovative experiences simply do not happen.

OneCommunity delivers the basics, the broadband infrastructure—and it’s for public benefit engagement and use. We already have the region’s largest 21st century network available.  How can we get creative and provide an amazing experience for the RNC?

I am personally thrilled to think of the thousands of people that will experience Cleveland, many for the first time, during the RNC.  I am also thrilled to think of the millions of people experiencing the events from afar.  I can close my eyes and see people rallying at Public Square, dining on East 4th, celebrating at the Rock Hall—while others work feverishly to produce broadcasts, green rooms, interviews and speeches.  Security, public transportation, lodging, entertainment, souvenirs, shopping—they’re all in the mix.

So let’s deliver the best experience possible.  Tell us your dreams for this event—for you, your neighborhood, your business, our visitors.  What do we need to prepare?  How can we benefit our region and our interaction and make impact on the rest of America and the world?

We will post an idea every week—conversation starters.  Let us know what you think—and tell us your ideas.  Realities start with big dreams. Email me at jpassantino@onecommunity.org. Or visit our Facebook page to comment on this post and send your own Dream Big Now idea. You can also comment using the hashtag: #DreamBigNow.

First idea: Picture this.

You’re caught up in the energy at the Republican National Convention.  Suddenly surrounded by press, you need a break.  As the clock strikes twelve, you go in search of a quiet respite.  You realize you don’t have the luxury of taking a lunch hour at a restaurant.  There are e-mails to check. Phone calls to return.  Delegates to meet.

You want a great lunch…fast.

There’s an app for that.

With one click, you instantly access a service and gain access to a group of the best local restaurants.  Menus are categorized by types of cuisine.  Distance of the restaurant from your hotel or conference area is factored in, providing a realistic sense of time frame of order-to-your door delivery.

You find the item you want. Enter your location.  Securely pay online.  And, get back to the action.  You can see your food is on the way.  The excitement continues.

Welcome to the possibilities.


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