Crain’s Cleveland: RNC Convention Sparks Downtown Digital Upgrade

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In an article published today by Crain’s Cleveland Business, OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick and COO Brett Lindsey provide insight into the ways the 2016 Republican National Convention will accelerate the buildup of the city’s digital infrastructure.

“This infrastructure push is going to be so significant,” said Lindsay. “Wi-Fi is important because you’re going to have thousands of people hitting the city, and you’re going to want their experience while they’re here to be as positive as possible. And what happens to all these hotels that are coming online and how are they going to have sufficient capacity as well?”

CEO Gonick mentioned the need for a regional communications upgrade in order to service the more than 35,000 visitors who will be lodging and traveling around the region during the convention.

“It would be terrific if Cleveland had a commitment with all of the buses ferrying people from the hotel to the convention so people could work at Wi-Fi speed instead of on their cell phones at 3G speed while they are commuting from Beachwood or wherever,” he told Crain’s reporter Jay Miller.

The article added that local officials and representatives of telecommunications companies are already meeting to plan details of the communications needs.

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