Leadership and the Future Series Conclusion: A Green City on a Blue Lake

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By Lev Gonick, CEO, OneCommunity

Lev Gonick, CEO OneCommunity

Lev Gonick, CEO OneCommunity

—Over the next decade, cable television, as we know it will disappear.  Everything we consume and interact with will be delivered over the Internet.  Streaming entertainment is just the very beginning of the art of the possible.

An entire new entertainment genre will emerge as the technology and ingenuity of creatives produces new art forms that meld 2-D, 3-D interactive, and immersive experiences.

When the interactive video gaming industry came on the scene 30 years ago, the Midlands in the UK and Ireland took a big leap and bet on gaming. Over time, tens of thousands of jobs have been created and new wealth and company formation for this $30-billion dollar worldwide industry remains an important economic development strategy.

The next multi-billion dollar entertainment industry is emerging and thanks to the great work of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission we are on the map.

We need to be ready to take a big bet and help attract educators, entrepreneurs, investors, and developers to help build a vibrant, immersive and interactive entertainment ecosystem here on the North Coast.

The decision by our leaders to continue to invest tens of millions of dollars to underwrite and support well-paying jobs in steel and other legacy industries needs to be part of the conversation. With finite resources it is hard to imagine how we get to the future if our scarce investment resources are consumed by investing in legacy industries

We need leaders ready to listen and take some big bets.

In Conclusion: The Future of the Green City on a Blue Lake

Autonomous vehicles, smart homes helping us remain healthier longer, interactive and collaborative education pathways for young and old alike, wireless communication technologies on our Great Lakes and water ways, people-centered social service offerings, new and inspiring forms of art expression are all part of the mosaic of a possible future for us here on the North Coast

Twenty-five years from now, the public trust in our elected leadership and the state of our democracy will depend on conversations and decisions made today. The cynicism and growing alienation of our citizens is a cancer that threatens to metastasize on the body politic.

Digital technology can enable greater citizen involvement and inspire entrepreneurs to share their ideas and create new businesses.

So here on the North Coast we need leaders who believe and actively advocate for the integration of smart technologies into every facet of our lives. Civic and industry leaders focused on the future can inspire Northeast Ohio citizens to be more involved in creating the region’s future by sharing their ideas.

As we continue to connect organizations and private enterprises to our unique regional fiber-based broadband network, we at OneCommunity and Everstream look forward to being part of the future-focused leadership of our region.

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