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Improving Health Care in Northeast Ohio

Case Study: Increasing Effectivenesshealth care

Enhanced connectivity at Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights has transformed operations by enabling the facility to access applications from urban hospitals while supporting clinics across the region. For example, Southwest General outsources its radiology work, which provides Southwest General with around-the-clock access to radiologists without having to maintain its own staff. A tech at Southwest General sends the images to the offsite radiologists, who are available 24×7 and turn them around in minutes. Patient care is faster, more available, and by utilizing other hospitals’ resources through OneCommunity’s connectivity, Southwest General in total saves hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


Case Study: Connecting Disparate Facilities

OneCommunity helps Akron Children’s Hospital support community hospitals around the region. By being on OneCommunity’s network, Akron Children’s Hospital can provide general health care facilities with access to its specialty practitioners and services, reducing travel requirements and decreasing time needed for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, a high-speed wide area network (WAN) transports all medical images from the hospital’s satellite locations to the main campus in Akron. Offices in Youngstown, Ashland, New Philadelphia, Carrolton, Hudson and other Northern Ohio communities all connect to Akron via the hospital WAN for a variety of solutions, including connecting radiology and enabling video conferencing among doctors and patients. Akron Children’s WAN eliminates much of the need for travel among locations.

OneCommunity’s high-speed fiber-optic network makes sending video and images digitally effortless. University Hospitals Health System utilizes a similar system to Akron Children’s for sending all digital images from the system’s locations across Northern Ohio back to the main facility for processing in one central location – increasing speed of care and driving down costs.

Case Study: Collapsing Costs

The Sisters of Charity Health System, which includes St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland, Mercy Medical Center in Canton, and St. John’s West Shore in Westlake, benefits from collapsed costs and direct access between facilities. OneCommunity provides them with connections to the same services, including data transport and Internet services. The Sisters of Charity is also using the OneCommunity network as the backbone for their data backup/recovery system.

OneCommunity is working toward of a goal of enhanced Internet connectivity for all Northern Ohio hospitals through HealthNet. Ultra broadband in the region’s health care institutions will enable shared access to billing systems, Medicare and Medicaid via a virtual private network.

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