What Could You Do With Cloud Services?

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Cloud Services is the latest buzzword in today’s market.  But what does that really mean for your organization? Find out how OneCommunity experts can help you define future needs or plan your company’s migration to The Cloud.

By Chuck Girt, CTO

Chuck Girt, OneCommunity CTO

Chuck Girt, OneCommunity CTO

As most CIO’s and IT Managers have heard, Cloud Services is the latest buzzword in the market today. But what does that mean for your organization?

Most people look at Cloud Services as an extension of their own network using Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) and/or Storage as a Service (STaaS) to lower their operational costs and reduce time spent on hardware-specific issues. But for those who have not been able to understand how Cloud Services can benefit your network, let OneCommunity assist in developing a cloud strategy for the future of your enterprise.

OneCommunity is looking at offering direct connectivity into major Cloud Service providers for an IaaS and STaaS play.  What this means is that we can add Cloud Services on-net by adding it to your present OneCommunity service portfolio. We can create a MPLS network infrastructure that allows your network to communicate directly with our Cloud Partners for disaster recovery or full back office automation.

Cloud Services ImageWhat is most important for your business? Let OneCommunity experts help your business with the migration to cloud services or help you define your future needs and where Cloud services might fit.

I would like to take your comments on what your enterprise’s plans are moving to a Cloud Environment and how OneCommunity can make your operations more cost effective and efficient. Please send me an email at crm@onecommunity.org and let me know what Cloud Services are important to your enterprise network and how OneCommunity can improve its service offerings.

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