CEO Speaks at US Ignite Smart Future Summit

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OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick presented his talk “How Gigabit Apps Make A Difference” at George Washington University on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. The presentation was a part of the US Ignite 2015 Smart Future Summit in Washington, D.C. This two-day event sponsored by US Ignite, GENI, the National Science Foundation, and Mozilla Foundation, explores the future of the Internet and the next-generation applications it enables.

On Wednesday, March 25, Lev also appeared on a panel entitled “The Smart and Connected Future: Unleashing a New Era of Capabilities and Experiences” at the Hilton Crystal Hotel facilitated by Steve Lohr of New York Times. Lohr followed up the event with an article in the New York Times featuring comments from Lev.

Click here to read Steve Lohr’s piece entitled “The Path Toward Tomorrow’s Internet.”

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