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High Speed Internet

Maximize your organization’s efficiency with OneCommunity’s Internet solution, combining reliably technology with our all-fiber high speed network and a customer-centric approach.

Our Internet solution features superior speed and performance with symmetric upload and download speeds 20x faster than traditional internet, with a dedicated connection and customized bandwidth options from 10Mb to 10Gb.

OneCommunity delivers superior connectivity between your location and the internet


With OneCommunity, you have access to the highest traffic rate, with a packet loss rate approaching 0%. BGP4 re-route is enabled in every core router in the network to ensure a faster recovery time over IP based optical networks.


At the heart of our regional Internet are multiple high-speed connections to separate Tier 1 IP backbones at speeds up to 10Gbps or greater. Thanks to our physically diverse high speed network connections, OneCommunity is capable of providing high availability, diversity and redundancy to our upstream Tier 1 IP network providers.

Performance Guarantees

We can guarantee internet rates of availability, transit delay and packet delivery through best-in-class service level agreements to your primary upstream Internet service providers.


OneCommunity’s Internet services are constantly monitored so you have access to your network statistics including speed and performance. The service is scalable, with network point-to-point access speeds ranging from 10Mb to 10Gb.

Pricing Flexibility

We offer you options including flat port pricing or tiered service.

Simplified Administration

Easy to manage, reducing administrative costs through global account management and invoicing.

Scalable Capacity

Allows customers to quickly scale from their committed bandwidth to a higher amount when needed. It’s a simple upgrade to install more bandwidth.

Hybrid High-Availability Internet Services

We use multiple upstream peers to maximize performance. In the event of failure of one peer, traffic is routed to another peer.

Customer Centric

We are customer focused and offer complete support to quickly resolve problems 24/7/365.

The OneCommunity Advantage

  • Traffic carried anywhere on the regional Internet
  • A wide variety of access speeds, methods and options
  • A dedicated port into OneCommunity’s backbone – no single point of failure
  • Industry-leading guaranteed Service Level Agreements
  • Customer administered web based portal for service monitoring
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