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Cloud Backup & Recovery

Protecting your critical data has never been more important or easier to do. OneCommunity’s Cloud Backup and Recovery service delivers complete data protection so you don’t have to worry about data loss, network failures, costly downtime or complete shutdown of your organization.

Today we rely on technology to get it done — collecting, retaining and transmitting limitless amounts of data on a daily basis. Without the right data protection plan in place, recovering your data may be impossible, too costly, time consuming or damaging.

We Cover All Your Data Types


Files & Folders

Recover from the accidental deletion of any document, spreadsheet or folder.


Exchange, SQL and System Slate

Enable backup and recovery of Exchange, SQL data and System Slate.


System Images

Recover from hard drive crashes and computer viruses.


VMware and Hyper-V Images

Recover from hard drive crashes and computer viruses.


We Protect Your Organization, Not Just Your Data

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We use state-of-the-art file servers in SSAE-16-certified, redundant data centers secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant Internet connections.

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Our Safe Catalog Process verifies the file catalogs we upload are valid, reliable and protected from the malicious cyber-attacks targeting organizations and consumers.



Threats to data security are everywhere! You need backup that can offer the highest levels of protection. We secure files beyond the 128-bit encryption methods typically used for online banking.



In the event of major data loss, our Recovery-as-a-Service ensures speedy recovery. If you need it, we’ll overnight ship you a drive with all your data.


International Data Protection

Our Montreal-based data center ensures compliance with Canadian federal and provincial data storage and management regulations. Plus the data stored there never crosses the border.


Independent Certification

Intronis, our backup provider, holds SSAE-16 certification, a third-party standard ensuring internal controls and security safeguards.


Compliance with Federal and Industry Regulations

OneCommunity Cloud Backup Recovery ensures compliance with strict industry and government data-protection standards around encryption:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) governs the storage and handling of data in healthcare environments.
  • FINRA (The Finance Industry Regulatory Authority) addresses the archival and management of data by financial organizations.
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) sets strict guidelines on payment card and electronic transactions.


The OneCommunity Advantage

Easy to Use

Quick Start

Easy installation and quick start. If you have a lot of data to backup initially, we can provide seeding services without tying up available bandwidth.

Automatic Backups

We schedule your backups to happen whenever you want, ensuring your recovery time objective goals are always achieved.

Manage Local and Off-site Backups

Our flexible solutions allow any of your data to be stored online and/or saved to local storage – including your physical and virtual machines – which eliminates the need for multiple backup solutions.

Secure and Reliable

HIPAA- and FINRA- Compliant Encryption

Files are secured using 256-bit AES encryption and a private encryption key. SSL technology is used in data transmission. Your data is protected both onsite and over the Internet, ensuring industry compliance.

Robust, Flexible Archiving

Data-archiving settings allow historical data to be saved as long as you need and meet applicable compliance standards.

Off-site Storage

Data is stored in two, SSAE 16 Type II compliant data centers with redundant storage and biometric security. We also have access to a Canadian data center if needed.

Business Grade

Multiple Revisions

Store an unlimited number of versions of the same file so there’s no fear of accidental deletion or overwriting a file.

Multiple Device Support

Our solution lets you back up a single computer or server, multiple computers, laptops or even multiple offices.

Reporting and Notifications

We can send you notifications that your backups have completed successfully, including detailed statistics, or we can setup a customer portal so you can see the technology in action.


How We Compare

See how our Cloud Backup and Recovery service compares:

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