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Our Ethernet networks provide reliable data transmission while remaining versatile enough to meet the network design requirements of tomorrow. We offer guaranteed, scalable bandwidth from 10Mb to 40Gb, seamless integration with existing infrastructure and custom solutions. Read more.



OneCommunity’s all fiber ultra-high-speed Internet services provides superior access, speed and performance with symmetric upload and download speeds, 20x faster than traditional internet speeds with a dedicated connection and customized bandwidth options from 10Mb to 10Gb. Read more.



Our data center services handle the entire process of evaluating, documenting and matching requirements to best-in-class facilities located throughout Ohio. OneCommunity provides fast, reliable and consistent connectivity to mission critical servers and applications. Read more.



Protecting critical data has never been more important and easier to do. OneCommunity’s automated data protection services are highly secure and reliable with faster recovery times, compliant with industry regulations and scalable to meet your unique needs. Read more.



Does your organization rely on high volume transfers of information? OneCommunity specializes in providing secure and flexible fiber services that meet your needs. Our dark fiber offers the complete solution, quality service and dedicated project resources. Read more.



OneCommunity is a single-source engineer and integrator of end-to-end services for FTTP networks. We are committed to providing the most innovative solutions, the highest caliber technology and the most reliable service. We assist with initial planning to ensure your project is on the right track. Read more.


Why Fiber?

Fiber. Sure, you heard a lot about it. But why do you want it? More importantly, why do you need it? Let OneCommunity explain to you the ins and outs of Fiber and how it can help your connectivity. Getting Fiber is easier than you think. See the what, when, where, why and how and you’ll be hitting speeds you never thought possible in no time.

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