OneCommunity Welcomes Azerbaijani Delegation

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Visit of Azerbaijan Delegation to OneCommunity HQ on April 30

OneCommunity's Tom Miller and Will Tatar flank Azerbainjan visitors Ahmad Shirinov and Anar Nuriyev at OneCommunity's downtown Cleveland headquarters on April 30, 2014.

Cleveland–On Wednesday, April 30th, OneCommunity hosted a delegation from Azerbaijan at its downtown Cleveland headquarters. The visitors were in Cleveland on a fact-finding tour arranged by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs (

Mr. Ahmad Shirinov and Mr. Anar Nuriyev were extremely interested in learning about OneCommunity’s regional fiber optic network and how the organization has established public-private partnerships to spur investment, growth and innovation.

CEO Lev Gonick, Community Engagement Specialist Will Tarter, and Community Technology Executive Tom Miller shared OneCommunity’s history with the delegation and engaged in a lively dialog  about the future of broadband-enabled healthcare and education.

The Azerbaijani government has made significant investments in fiber optic networks over the past several years as a means to diversify their economy, which is largely based on petroleum exports. The online publication AzerNews published a story on April 1 with more details: “Azerbaijan to invest $0.5 bln in broadband Internet.”

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