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MISSION: OneCommunity is expanding high-speed broadband access and adoption to strengthen Northeast Ohio.

VISION: Advanced digital capabilities and effective use of technology will help transform the region and establish Northeast Ohio as a national hub for innovation and economic growth.

Founded in 2003 as a nonprofit organization, OneCommunity has been charting a digital infrastructure path for Northeast Ohio for the 21st century. OneCommunity is dedicated to realizing the transformational  potential of broadband technology.

Rather than wait for some other company or organization to take the lead, our first decade has been devoted to building and expanding a state-of-the-art fiber optic network for the benefit of Northeast Ohio’s schools, hospitals, and government organizations.

For more than a decade, OneCommunity has been the catalyst for the creation of an ultra-high speed, open and neutral fiber network in Northeast Ohio, which now spans 24 counties and 2,500 miles, and provides reliable, high-speed broadband Internet to hospitals, academic institutions and businesses. A digital infrastructure like OneCommunity’s is a critical asset for advancing the region’s future, and it has been at the forefront of moving the needle on the region’s technology leadership.

Operating an all-fiber network is a capital-intensive business and a non-profit is neither chartered nor in a position to access the capital markets to really help the business grow. In the two years since Lev Gonick assumed the CEO role at OneCommunity, Everstream CEO Brett Lindsey, the Board, and the management team established a goal to find a partner that can ensure that the asset created over the past decade is sustainable and scalable.

M/C Partners, a private-equity firm focused exclusively on the communications, media, and information technology sectors, agreed to make a $50M investment along with a consortium of investment advisers, in Everstream, OneCommunity’s heretofore for-profit subsidiary. The investment allows OneCommunity to leverage the network asset and focus on extending its mission to grow a digital economy and improve the quality of life in Northeast Ohio.

Since its founding, OneCommunity has provided mission-based programming in health and wellness, connected education and economic development.  Heading into our second decade, we continue to remain focused on connectivity, possibilities, public engagement, and public benefit. In the coming years we propose to:

  • Support the region’s emergent entrepreneurial technology community through a start-up fund.
  • Partner with the social services sector, philanthropic organizations, and the app developer community to stand up a public benefit apps exchange platform.
  • Engage with our healthcare partners to seed platforms for the effective use of tele-health and tele-wellness across the region.
  • Contribute to student success by working with the formal and informal education communities to become the best technology partner imaginable.
  • Re-double efforts to partner with cities and municipalities. Our unprecedented partnership with the City of Cleveland in the Health-Tech Corridor, coupled with our Big Gig Challenge Grant, are just the beginning of our commitments in the civic arena.


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