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CLEVELAND, Ohio—In the course of two hours, 425 registered attendees at OneCommunity’s Annual Meeting held at the New Health-Tech corridor Victory Center had opportunities to interact, experience and learn about the state of next generation networks.

In addition to learning that OneCommunity is the Region’s largest ultra-high-speed fiber, they were also introduced to Everstream, OneCommunity’s for-profit counterpart that was introduced this year; to demonstrations reinforcing ultra-high-speed broadband as a major contributor to the future of medicine and, according to Keynote Speaker and Honoree, FCC General Counsel for External Affairs Gigi Sohn,  the fact that the net neutrality conversation is something that should be of concern to everyone.

OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick acknowledges that “to be sure, it was an information-packed afternoon.  Our goal was to inform the attendees of our many advances as well as to educate them about ultra-high-speed broadband’s innovative and practical applications in select areas across the county. There are so many possibilities that exist that will greatly improve the operations of cities, healthcare, education and government that we couldn’t begin to expound upon everything.  Our hope is that our Annual Meeting inspired conversations that will ultimately result in applications that will be integrated into our everyday life.”

To further the point, remote broadcasts from Los Angeles, Kansas City and New York provided real-life demonstrations.  A doctor from Kansas City detailed how ultra-high-speed broadband connects her hospital and its staff with doctors in rural areas in an effort to provide patients with first-class medical care.  New York’s demonstration highlighted usage with medical imaging while Los Angeles addressed the implications for multi-market meetings.

“These are but a few examples of what can be accomplished with ultra-high-speed broadband,” Gonick adds.  “Northeast Ohio is on the cutting edge of this technology.  OneCommunity is looking forward to working closely with the biotech community in an effort to energize this market.”

Gonick also referenced the introduction of Everstream, a for-profit entity powered by OneCommunity.  Prior to its launch, OneCommunity’s offering was available exclusively to nonprofits.  “Everstream has opened the door for any Northeast Ohio business to implement this technology.  Its impact on this region is potentially enormous.”

OneCommunity’s Annual Meeting also marked the tenth anniversary of the organizaton’s launch.  As one person tweeted, “The OneCommunity Annual Meeting was like old home week for CLE techies.”

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OneCommunity is a not-for-profit that owns and operates an ultra-high-speed fiber-optic broadband network covering almost 2,400 miles around Northeast Ohio.  It improves the capabilities of more than 2,300 connected institutions such as hospitals, schools, libraries and government offices.  It also uniquely shares with other wired and wireless communications providers to improve their capabilities to serve the region.  The network is a platform for innovation and collaboration, enabling a variety of beneficial programs and applications in health care, education, government and public safety.

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